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      2. PSA 5A 分子篩
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        PSA 5A 分子篩
            PRODUCT LIST
          Ozone catalyst
          Honeycomb molecular sieve
          ceramic filter
          Porcelain sand filter
          Water treatment filter material
          Ceramic Random Tower Packing
          Ceramic Strutured Packing
          Plastic Random Tower Packing
          Plastic Structured Packing
          Metallic Random Tower Packing
          Metallic Structured Packing
          Catalyst Bed Support Media
          Acid-resistant Brick,Plate
          Molecular Sieve
          Clay Ball
          Refractory Ball
          Thermal Storage Ball
          Activated Alumina Ball
          Ceramic Grinding Media
          Honeycomb Ceramic
        CONTACU US ?

        ·Tel: 86-799-6339690
        ·Fax: 86-799-6339690
        ·?Address: Gongyuan North Road,
        Pingxiang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province


         Pingxiang Meitao Chemical Packing Co.,LTD is was founded in 2001 year, and located in Economic and Development Zone; with tremendous technical strength and advanced equipments, we specialize in production of various kinds of ceramic, plastic and metallic tower packing; chemical packing; wearable materials and environmental filters etc. Those products are widely used in the oil, chemical, environment protection, metallurgy, electric power fields and so on. It enjoys good reputation from end users.

          Our production system is based on the standard of ISO 9001:2000 and our products have been exported abroad. With 60% products to Europe, Japan and Southeast Asian countries; for long term development, we also tightly cooperative with research institution and university, this lay good foundation for updating technology and new product’s research.

          The principle of our company is to promote “MT” brand and satisfy customers. We would like to offer you advanced solution with innovatively technology and good products.

        Technical support: Ganxi Network Copyright @ Pingxinag City Meitao Ceramic CO,.LTD
          Factory Address :Gongyuan North Road, Pingxiang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province?Email Login
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