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Farm to Table

Our Farm to Table program is based on the study of agricultural practices in the Pacific Northwest through experiential activities integrating science principles with local opportunities. The program progresses through the school year following these 5 topics:

- Food Systems: how food gets from the farm to grocery to the table
- Agriculture including the history of agriculture
- Nutrition
- Gardening
- Cooking

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Students will learn basic tenets and instruction about debate skills, hold mock debates with Instructor moderation and engagement. This debate program will have an emphasis on discourse and supported positions.

This is a 3rd to 8th grade program

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Constitution Studies

Understanding the history of our country and its documents is paramount to being a good citizen. We believe this is very important in our program. To that end, MHCA students will learn about the following: 

- The Bill of Rights
- The US Constitution
- The history of amendments
- How the constitution affects the world today
- How to include those that have been excluded from the constitution

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MHC Academy’s Spanish program is integrated into all areas of the curriculum. All classroom teachers are bilingual with the goal of students learning not only conversational but also functional Spanish. Our philosophy is students should be fully prepared to participate in local agriculture and other areas of life, which requires more than conversational Spanish. 

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Test Taking Skills

Instruction in test taking is important to ensure a smooth transition from middle school to high school as well as ability to take proficiency exams usually tested in the lower grades. Students in grades 3-5 will have 2 weeks of instruction while the middle school students will have 3 weeks. 

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Wellness & Nutrition Activities

Wellness nutrition is part of the farm to table. As an equine based school, it is not only important that our students know how to properly care for their horse. They also must know how to care for their own bodies to be in the best condition to ride safely and be a healthy, responsible caretaker.

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Equine Studies

Horsemanship is an all-encompassing learning experience led by local trainer Stacey Riggs of Riggs Horsemanship. Students who may or may not have ever been on a horse are taught so much more than just how to ride. They learn all aspects of horse care, stable maintenance, grooming and riding. Our goal is to have the student learn all facets of how to care for and enjoy any horse. 

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World Cultures

All students will participate in widening their minds to the greater world culture at large with this unique perspective. They will learn about different world cultures through exposure to celebrations in timing they are held in each culture. For example, October is Indigenous People month and information regarding this culture will be incorporated into the World Cultures Curriculum for that month.

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Friday Assembly

Friday mornings are an all class (K-8) activity, usually in the main arena where MHC Academy hosts community members to learn about different careers and hobbies.

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