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Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you have via phone or email, but the FAQs might be just what you're looking for.

We are a private K-8 school.  We provide our students with a refined curriculum based on Oregon state standards for all primary subjects in conjunction with horsemanship training and experiential learning programs.

Our school year is based on a balanced 10-month academic year. This means that the students will have a shorter summer break between school years, but longer breaks during the course of the year. Students attend class from 8am to 3pm on Monday-Thursday, and 8am to 1pm on Friday. 

Our Academy is the only equine-focused primary education program in the area. We align our academic standards to state standards with group and individual education in math, reading, science and writing. The equine experience is not only learning to ride, but also horse care and horsemanship. Additionally, while a Spanish course is not individually offered at MHCA, Spanish lessons have been integrated into our entire curriculum to allow students to be not only conversational but also functionally fluent.

We have a variety of extension offerings. In addition to equine and Spanish instruction, we have added a host of real-world experiences to solidify the classroom concepts. These additions include an intensive Farm-To-Table program, Woodworking, World Cultures, Constitutional Study, Wellness/Nutrition, Test-taking Skills training, and much more.

We do not utilize pre-packaged curricula. Our experienced and licensed educators create our curricula in alignment with Oregon State Educational Standards. We develop these programs through the lens of best practice, equity, and constructivist theory. Our instructors have a two-month long professional development time without students to co-create exceptional scope and sequence for all our academic and extension education.

Our families are very important to us. We value their input and consider their needs when planning. We use an anonymous “Needs Assessment” to encourage families to share their thoughts about different aspects of our program and offerings, and evaluate how they align with our vision.

We are passionate about our mission and vision. It is the lens through which we align all that we do. We believe that any family that shares our enthusiasm for the educational mission and programs we are implementing can be successful.  Students with a willingness to learn experientially and hands-on thrive in our program due to the various levels of instruction that take place inside and outside the classrooms.

We utilize the DuFour model in combination with the Professional Learning Community model. Instructors and administrators meet routinely to evaluate student progress.  We review the progress, strengths, and challenges of each student individually.  Inversely, we review our own teaching practices through the growth of our students. We utilize both formative and summative assessments in all academic areas. Students and families receive academic reports every term.

In the 2021-22 school year we will be adding:

  1. Mindfulness and Movement
  2. Water conservation study,
  3. Greenhouse project,
  4. Chicken coop,
  5. Archery program in partnership with the Oregon Department of Fishing and Wildlife (ODFW),
  6. Test-taking instruction to support our Middle Schoolers in their transition to High School.

Additionally, there are developing plans to add technology education to our 3-8 grade program.

We teach in very small cohorts instead of grade level classes. The cohorts are  K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and middle school (6th-8th grade). Each cohort is limited to 15 students which encourages strong peer and teacher-student relationships

We do not provide after school care at this time. If care is needed, we are happy to refer you to some programs in the area.

We do not provide transportation, but we will assist families in connecting to one another to arrange carpools for their students

The cost of providing the high-quality educational experience to our students is over $1800/month. To make this more affordable to our families, this cost is offset by generous donations and community support. The portion paid by our families is called the “cost-share.”

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